Does Your Complex Have a Welcome Mat or a Stop Sign?

Take a minute. Go outside to the front of your property. Close your eyes. Think with the brain of your future residents.

Now open your eyes. What do you see?

With all the emphasis on internet reviews and listing sites, it’s easy to forget that potential residents are still going to visit the property before signing a lease. They have probably looked you up, read a few reviews, maybe they called about availability, but they will definitely drive the area and pass your sign on the way to sign the lease… unless, of course, your sign doesn’t invite them in and tell them more of the story they want to hear.

A monument sign is the welcome mat for your community. If it’s an old, rotting post and panel sign, what story does that tell? If the brick is cracked from the last time someone turned too quickly, what story does that tell? If your signs don’t match, what does that say? It all says, “keep driving, the inside looks even worse.” Does your community need a new welcome mat?

Exist Graphics can design and produce a signage that delivers your brand to prospective residents. Visit for examples of monuments, way-finding, interior, building and unit signs that match your brand and your budget.

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